The SEPA® small Oil Separator units are of three sizes. 


· 1.5m3/hr flowrate

· 3m3/hr flowrate 

· 5m3/hr flowrate


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The SEPA oil separators have a dual plate pack, the first for optimum removal of oil droplets and solids followed by final polishing in the second pack. 


The separator is a patented design.


A fully adjustable full width Water weir (Registered Design) is provided giving a side outlet, allowing a higher drainage point then proceeding models.


A particular feature of the overall design is that if the separator is drained, a water trap is created in the outlet section, which prevents oil carry through to the Water Outlet weir on re-filling.


SEPA Oil Separators are authorised pre-treatment products by Sydney Water and other Australian water authorities.


SEPA oil separators can be obtained as stand alone unit or as a package with an ASM diaphragm pump and  float switch.  Optional items include lid, high level alarm and control panel.



SEPA® Small Oil Separator


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SEPA®  3m3/hr Oil Separator with pump, control panel and float switch

SEPA® Oil Separator stainless steel plate pack showing uniformity of construction

SEPA® 5m3/hr Oil Separator with pump

SEPA® 1.5m3/hr Oil Separator